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Even if you use the best vacuums to clean your carpets regularly, there will still be dirt and dust that settles deep into your carpet, not to mention the stains and odors that can build up over time. To keep your floor coverings looking fresh and clean, you’ll occasionally want to wash them using a carpet cleaner.

While you can typically rent these machines from home improvement stores, it’s often more convenient to simply purchase an at-home model that you can use more frequently. Many of today’s carpet cleaners are roughly the same size and cost as vacuums, and for homes with a lot of carpeting, they’re a worthwhile addition to your cleaning arsenal.

What to Consider

There are several sizes of carpet cleaners, including commercial-grade, full-size, and portable models. Commercial-grade options are typically the models available to rent, and while they have large water reservoirs, they’re very expensive and heavy. Full-size models, which look similar to upright vacuums, are a popular choice for your average home, as they’re easy to use and moderately priced. Finally, if you only need to clean stairs or furniture, you might prefer a portable option, which are ideal for spot cleaning.

Other factors to look at while shopping for a carpet cleaner include water capacity and features. Models with larger water reservoirs can clean for longer without needing to be emptied and refilled, making them better suited for large rooms. Further, some models have additional features such as built-in hand tools, heated drying, stain pretreatment, and more.

How We Selected

To provide carpet cleaners that fit a variety of lifestyles, we looked for the top-rated models in each available style and at a range of price points. I’ve personally conducted firsthand testing on several of the most popular carpet cleaners available today, and I used my own insights to recommend the best models for different situations based on their real-life performance. Additionally, we took into account factors such as brand reputation—for instance, Hoover, BISSELL, and Rug Doctor are the three most trusted carpet cleaning manufacturers—features, weight, water reservoir capacity, and overall value.

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The Type Of Cleaning Many carpet cleaners offer a very specific way of cleaning the carpets. There are two types that are usually offered: dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning. The type chosen will change the cost of the job. Dry cleaning is sometimes called low moisture and it involves chemicals with very little water. This type of cleaning is much faster than steam cleaning and is chosen by those who need clean carpets in a flash! This method does not clean as deep as steam cleaning, but it is suggested for those who don’t keep really dirty floors. Steam cleaning is very popular. It uses hot water and cleaning chemicals to get the dirt and fibers out of the carpet. Steam cleaning takes a lot more time and is usually preferred by property managers and landlords to use when tenants have moved out. This method does require a drying period of 24 hours. Knowing The Needs When it comes to getting carpets all clean, knowing the needs of the floors and customer is key. By knowing the type of carpet, what kind of stains it has had, and the age of the carpet, customers can help the cleaner figure out what the floors need to be cleaned properly. The cleaners will ask these types of questions and find out what type of chemicals can be used on the carpets. They will inquire about pets and children and any allergies that may be in the home. Check Insurance, Licensing, and Bonding Any company that comes into a home to clean it must be bonded by the state. They must also have insurance and licenses. This paperwork means that the staff has had background checks and if anything happens to the furniture or property, the company is prepared to cover any of the damages. Read All of the Reviews Reviews of companies come in handy when choosing the right one. Most of the reviews come from real customers, unless a company pays for them. One thing to remember is to check the positive and negative reviews. If a company has more negative ones, chances are, they are not to be trusted. Ask For Recommendations Word of mouth is the best way to find a good company. Friends and family members are great sources and if their carpets look great, chances are the company they choose is the best! Social media word of mouth is also a good place to look. Choosing a clean can be tough, but once the choice is made, it will be well worth it. The carpets will have a great look to them and there will be a peace of mind that goes along with it.

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